Video Upload in WordPress Divi


Make Your Video

Video Format

I assume you use smartphone to shoot video, or you use digital camera. No matter which device you use , if you want to put onto you web site, I suggest you upload to Youtube and then embed the video on the web site. Here are the advantages:

  1. There are several video formats,mp3g, mp4, mov, wmv, webm., Different devices and OS support different video format and may need different CODEC (decode video). So we simply update to youtube , let Youtube handle the format for you
  2. You can do simple video edit in Youtube. If you need more professional editing, you need to use software e.g. Adobe Premier
  3. Save you web space.
  4. Drive more traffic to your website. Youtube is one of best social media channel. If you have Youtubre channel , you can have more traffic – SEO


Upload Video

So here are what to do in first place

  1. open a new Youtube account under your company name (EDCO International Ltd).

Here is the step to open an Youtube channel for business

If you think too much to do, you can simple open a normal account first

  1. Add the link to your Youtube channel from your website (usually in footer) You can send me the link and I can add it for you.
  2. Upload your video

Here is the Youtube official support how to upload video,

And Youtube has a very good channel to teach how to make and upload video

  1. After you upload and make the video, copy the lnk

Copy the link in the URL bar

Put your video onto your web site

Upload video (put Youtube Video) in WordPress , with or without Divi (You website is empowered by Divi) is easy.  First you have to find a location you want to put your vide. Of course it depends on your video content. And the method to put the video are same (1-2 ways to put video) Here I go through some of the page and position you may put your video. Them you can do the same in other pages / locations