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終於取回tvcmbase 的域名, 趁機收復整個網站。 原因? 我也搞不清, 興趣行先吧. 興趣有二, ,一是對廣告的興趣, 二是對網站新技術的練習,什麼 seo , Google Analystic, jquery 都可試試 之前曾是google 搜尋關鍵字”電視廣告” 的第一位, 今時今日要重新開始, 就以平常心試試吧...


這是我的回憶很重要的一部份   由最初到那裡學電腦, 很快的升級, 到後來教電腦, 做其他雜項工作, 什麼成功感, 自滿, 失落, 思考人生, 妒忌, 忍耐, 學習相處,  通通在未入大學之前體驗一次Movie Rings (2017) 我在Facebook 建立了群組, 有時間請到訪一聚...

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online is my life, creative is my soul, fun is my goal.
In early 80’s I made my first contact with personal computers – Apple I with tape recorder, learnt the  function key “Insert” and Scroll Up”

In middle 80’s

– I played Karateka in Apple II with mocking board, and load Runner in 8088

– I learnt BASIC : 10 FOR NEXT, GOTO,

– I taught Quick Basic, Lotus 123, WordStar 2000, Word Perfect 5.1, dBase III Plus in Podar Computer Center located in Shatin

In early 90′ I use Shakesphere publishing software  to make the magazine “Voices and Experssion” in my colleage University of Western Ontario. 

In 1996 , I joint  Hong Kong Star Intenret  as Internet Researcher, wrote thousands of articles (technology, entertainment, leisure), and  user manuals. (How to read use Netscape…etc)  Initated and developed many online projects (Horse racing, Netfriends, Stock Quote…etc)

In 2000 I joint SONY Corporation of Hong Kong as a starter team of their  ISP business So-net

Next Fun….

  • web site design and development 100%
  • Internet Marketing 100%
  • software Design and Development 100%
  • media production 100%
  • Customer Happiness 100%

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